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StaiStained Glassned & Beveled Leaded Glass: Glass is cut into different shapes and then leaded back together to create a design. Glass can be stained ( colored ), leaded (colorless textured glass) or beveled. Custom designs are available. This is offered as a single pane of glass or can be sealed between two pieces of tempered glass for protection, strength, and energy efficiency.


Overlay Art Glass: This is Decorative Glass created by laminating lead, a Mylar film, and bevels onto a solid piece of glass. The lead is available in silver, gold or antique finishes and the Mylar film is available in hundreds of colors and colorless textures. Many of our beautiful films are available in a roll similar to window tinting sizes. They can be applied in the field to the clients existing glass to create beauty or add privacy where needed. It offers UV protection heat reduction and is air & water tight. It has a 10 year warranty.


SGO Faux IronSGO Faux Iron: This is a wood resin product that looks very similar to traditional wrought iron except, it is light weight and comes in 12 different finishes. Designs are custom. They can be made to coordinate with existing iron features in your home. This product is ideal for ceilings, niches, in front of existing fixed windows and door inserts. They can be triple glazed into an insulated glass unit (minimum IG thickness is ¾”). They can be combined with beautiful textured glass or films to increase privacy or control light.


Etched or Carved Glass: Also called Sandblasted Glass. Sand under high pressure can rough up the service of the glass creating a frosted look. Surface etching is where the design is just frosted on the surface and carved is done on thicker glass and the design goes deeper into the glass creating a more three dimensional look. This glass can also be painted to enhance the design.


UltrUltra GlasaGlas® Distributors: UltraGlas® is a kiln-formed embossed glass that is decorative and functional. It is available in many standard textures, designs, patterns, and colors. It can also be Custom created to incorporate theme elements and color palettes. Ultra Glas textures create natural diffusion, which provides privacy without restricting light transmission. Ultra Glass may be used for interior or exterior applications and require very little maintenance.



Textured Glass Textured Glass: Sometimes a client wants to have a simple, clean look for a cabinet or door. Gluechip, rain, reed, orchid, or bamboo glass are just a few of the options available for that look. We carry a large selection of textured glass to choose from.


Sample Sale: Samples, displays, and consignment pieces are available for purchase at 25% – 80% off. Hundreds to choose from with a large variety of sizes and shapes. Ideal for hanging in windows, patios, or to give as gifts. Selection of doors and window frames also available.


Mirrors: Regular and multiple styles of antique mirrors are available. Custom edge work is also available.


Table Tops: Custom sizes, edge work, hole cut outs, and shapes are available.


Glass Shelving: Custom sizes, edge work, and shapes are available.


Window Tinting: For light control, UV protection, security or beauty window tinting is and ever expanding market. Yes, you can put window film on a dual pane window as long as it’s not too dark. Did you know there are new textured films available in the tinting market? One looks just like rice paper and is private and beautiful.


Shower EnclosureShower Enclosures: Shower doors and enclosures are available. These are all custom from the heavy glass frameless units to the metal framed units. These are all custom to fit your needs. Overlay designs, ultra glass, and etched / carved glass can be incorporated to the glass to create a beautiful look for your home. ( see pictures in Bathroom Gallery )



Doors: Interior & exterior doors are available in custom styles or sizes as well as special woods. Choose from either Wood, fiber glass, or steel doors.


Door Remodeling: Interior or exterior doors or cabinet doors can be cut out to accommodate art glass. A real money savings option.


pd6 Pet Door Conversion Kit: The pet door conversion kit is a sensibly designed, custom built, weather-tight panel that fits a variety of patio doors and other glass applications. Built of the highest quality material, each pet door conversion kit features double-pane safety glass, with options for LowE glass, and gray or bronze tint. Each pet door features the Endura Flap, with a continuous magnetic contact, pivot rod for full swing, and unique bellows on the flap edges to ensure an energy efficient seal. The flap is UV resistant and has been tested to withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour. Security cover included for extra peace of mind.


Wardrobe Doors: Huge selection of doors to choose from. All custom made for you. Many options from Louvered or paneled doors, wood frames, metal frames, and mirrors. (see pictures in Mirror Gallery )


Art Glass Repair and Restoration: Available for stained and beveled leaded glass, overlay art glass, insulated glass units, and much more.



Wood WindowFrames: Custom metal or wood frames can be made to hang your art glass panel in an existing window. Then it can go with you when you move.




Dual & Triple Glazing: Dual glazing is the sealing of two pieces of glass together to create an air tight system. Many of the windows in homes today have dual pane windows. When glass replacement is required, the Overlay panel can be sealed with another piece of tempered glass to create a dual pane unit. It can then be placed into your existing frame. Triple glazing is done when using Stained and beveled Glass or Faux Iron. The art glass panel is sealed between two pieces of tempered glass to create an airtight and energy efficient finished piece. Both of these methods are available in our studio.

Low E Glass: This is a clear glass with a thin coating that allows visible light to pass while blocking and reflecting certain amounts of ultraviolet and infrared light. This is only available with insulated glass units.


Vinyl Frame Windows: Plygem Pacific Vinyl Windows, Metal and wood frames are available for whole house or single window replacement. Custom styles and sizes are available to suit your needs.



Installations: Whatever needs to be done in the way of installations we can do. Installing the art glass in front of existing glass, glass replacement, and door cut outs are all available through our studio. California Glazing Contractors License #862264


Design Consultation: Our art glass designers are available to assist you  in creating a design for your project. Design consultations are available either in your home or in our studio. Call to make an appointment. (800) 576-4454